Upcoming Trainings & Workshops

"All roads start from the body and lead back to it. The body is the road."
~Edmond Jabès, Egyptian Poet

May 19th, 2018 |  Spirit Rock Meditation Center;  Marin, CA
Dharma and Yoga: Joyful Presence

Joy is always available to us, but is often obscured by a distracted mind and contracted body. When we align the mind with the slower rhythms of the body and infuse the body with mindful awareness, joyful ease can arise — even in the midst of difficulty or grief.

This retreat will weave Dharma teachings, meditation, somatic movement, asana, and breath work. We will practice mindfulness of the breath and body for present moment awareness. The yoga practice will be both dynamic and nourishing, cultivating focus and ease through attention to inner alignment and awakening to sensation.

Cost: Sliding Scale $75 – 200. 


May 21-25, 2018 |  Spirit Rock Meditation Center;  Marin, CA
The Wisdom Body
This session is an exploration of the emotional body. We recognize that an understanding of the subtle or emotional body is essential to yoga practice and teaching ; our held tensions and beliefs are stored in our tissues and nervous system, and effect our deep biorhythms and wellbeing.

June 1-3, 2018  |  Spirit Rock Meditation Center;  Marin, CA
Integrating the Teachings
In this three day course (Friday through Sunday) students have the opportunity to teach to their peers and receive feedback and guidance. 

June 15-17, 2018 |  Doe Bay; Orcas Island, WA
Doe Bay Weekend Retreat
This annual retreat is always a beautiful experience weaving somatics, asana, chanting, pranayama, meditation, and journaling. A sweet community forms on these retreats through the shared process of yoga and the incredible beauty of Doe Bay.


July 8th, 2018 |  Spirit Rock Meditation Center;  Marin, CA
Dharma and Yoga: The Practice of Non-Harming

The foundation of Dharma and Yoga is ahimsa or non-harming. Ahimsa can be realized through a kind and nurturing approach to the body. In this day retreat, we will cultivate ahimsa through mindfulness of the nuance of sensation in the body and the subtle pathway of the breath. This will foster calm abiding from which we can see into and transform our underlying habits of aversive thinking and forcing the body.
Our practice will combine mindful asana, somatic movement, pranayama, and meditation on kindness.

July 11-15, 2018 |  Tassajara Zen Center; Carmel, CA
Yoga and Zen: Embodied Practice, Embodied Wisdom
In this retreat, through our own love of these practices and our love of teaching together, we will demystify the zen forms and yoga asanas to offer a personal and tangible connection to both these practices. Our yoga sessions will include both active and restorative poses, combined with breath work, with an emphasis on gaining sensory awareness and embodied presence. We will explore Tassajara’s altars, make friends with zendo etiquette, and walk the paths in meditation to reveal the magic of this valley where Zen practice has continued uninterrupted for the past 50 years.

July 21-22, 2018 | Morning Star Farm; Orcas Island, WA
Song of the Body: A Sacred Women's Retreat
Our weekend retreat will be a space in which to unfold, rest, and nurture your body. Receive the healing medicine of music, yoga, the beauty of Orcas Island, food from the land, and sisterhood.

October 8-13, 2018  |  Orcas Mandala Yoga;  Orcas Island, WA
200hr Prajna Teacher Training / Level 2: The Fluid Body
This session is an in-depth study of the hands, arms, and shoulders relative to the diaphragm and pranayama. We reflect on myths from the yoga tradition that relate to rivers, ocean and the fluid body.